Pranayama is a form of yoga that involves an exercise in breathing. It basically involves the control of prana(breath). There are very many benefits of Pranayama. It is the linking of mental (meditation) and physical (asanas) practices of yoga. In simple terms, we may say that pranayama is a combination of systemic inhalation and exhalation.

There is a difference between pranayama and breathing. This process is more than a simple means of inhalation and exhalation. This is usually a process of controlled breathing. It involves slow and prolonged inhalation and retention of the inhaled breath known as kumbhaka. Then finally, slow and steady prolonged exhalation which is also known as recaka. Unlike normal breathing which merely involves inhalation and exhalation,pranayama is typically performed when one is maintaining a given posture. This is usually done specifically while one is seated in padmasana. While breathing offers only physical benefits, pranayama offers physical, spiritual and mental benefits.


For one to properly practice pranayama, there are certain conditions one must meet. These are proper light, proper place, mitahara diet and suitable time.

Mitahara-In Sanskrit,Mita means limited and ahara refers to food

pranayama steps

The place of practice should be well ventilated, free from noise and other disturbances. The best time to do it is early morning. You should do it for a minimum of 15 minutes, and in the initial stage one should utilize the help of an instructor.

The following are the 11 benefits of practicing pranayama:

1. Controls Aging(Ageing)

Pranayama is known to control aging in a significant way. Through pranayama,one acquires the right perception of life and strong willpower. It also brings down a range of stress disorders. This is due to the relaxing effects which are spread all over the body muscles which in turn helps in controlling aging.

control aging

2. Weight Loss

Pranayama ensures that the circulation of oxygen is smooth; this usually helps one to regulate their weight as it helps in the burning of fats in the body. This is accrued through more oxygen in the body which ensures more fat is burnt. By continuous practice of pranayama, you can manage your weight.

3. Clear Mind

Pranayama is known to make one more intelligent. This is accumulated through meditation and relaxing the brain which enables you to think more clearly. Pranayama helps one to have a steady mind that brings proper judgement.

clear mind

4. Makes you Energetic

Practising pranayama brings more lightness to the body. This helps in preventing diseases and brings power and vigour.

5. Prevents Heart Diseases & Blood Pressure

Pranayama is very helpful in preventing heart diseases as well as blood pressure. By boosting cardio functions in your body,it helps in curing other related diseases.

protect heart

6. Improved Breathe

Pranayama is a great way that helps one to expand their lungs and also improves their efficiency. With expanded lungs,they achieve a great respiratory system which means you have enough supply of oxygen in your body. This puts your organs in proper conditions to carry out their various functions.

7. Improves Digestion

This process of pranayama helps in ensuring smooth digestion, and this is quite helpful. It ensures that the process of digestion runs smoothly and it also protects the entire systems. You don’t have to be uncomfortable due to stomach upset after eating. All you need to do is practice pranayama.

Helps digestion

8. Prevents Throat Infections

Pranayama is also very helpful for healing conditions such as tonsillitis, mucus and phlegm. It also ensures one has strong and healthy teeth as well as gums.

9. Improved Concentration

Pranayama ensures one is calm and the mind is still, and this provides stability and improved concentration. It enables one to achieve spiritual and mental nourishment since you can focus silently. This leaves you relieved and relaxed.


10. Prevents Constipation

Pranayama is very useful in solving problems associated with ingestion and constipation. This is due to proper breathing and oxygen circulation in the body. Achieving proper body muscle relaxation ensures the body activities run smoothly.

11. Prevents Anxiety & Depression

Pranayama ensures that the entire nervous system is well stimulated. It makes one free from anxiety and thus prevents from depression.


As you can see,pranayama is a very effective and helpful process which will ensure one stays healthy for long. Everyone should try it to reap these amazing benefits.


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